About Us

CNY Drives Inc 1335 Eire Blvd W Syracuse NY 13204 315-727-5069

CNY DRIVES offers you financing terms that you won't find at the large franchise dealers. We work our approvals on a case by case basis using the finest details to obtain you a loan. We have several different lenders at our disposal, each having different programs for challenged credit. We canvas each program and pair it with your financial situation to find you the best fit. We are the best at what we do for one simple reason....

At CNY DRIVES INC everyone is approved, that means everyone. This is not a hoax...this is not an attempt to get you in the door and then ask you for a cosigner. This is the REAL THING. We are very good at obtaining financing for folks who have less than perfect credit....and we take pride in it. There are reasons for your less than perfect credit, and we understand this and don't judge. We thoroughly review your credit history and seek out the positives instead of hunting for negatives. We look for reasons to get you financed instead of reasons to say no. CNY DRIVES is not the bank, we negotiate with the bank on your behalf to get you suitable, reasonable terms on a reliable automobile. CNY DRIVES offers a no hassle buying and approval process that affords the customer a comfortable, confident purchase. Buying a car from us is an enjoyable experience.